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Akiko Nishio (Managing Director, Principal )

The best thing about my job is when I see the students here smile and say that “I am lucky that I chose A To Z”.

Learning Japanese is fun because if you know Japanese, you can understand Japanese drama, you can enjoy traveling in Japan and you can make Japanese friends!

My favorite Malaysian dishes are roti canai and bak kut the.

If I were a millionaire, I would provide scholarships through A To Z to Malaysian students who want to study in Japan and to Japanese students who want to study in Malaysia.



Yuki Matsubara (Japanese Tutor)

I've been a Japanese teacher at ATOZ for about 2 years now.

Everyday I have classes with different students. The time I spend with everyone is very interesting and fun so it passes by very quickly.

Even if you do not understand Japanese it's ok, let's have fun studying Japanese together!



Ayako Sumi (Japanese Tutor)

Malaysia is a really interesting country so I like Malaysia very much!

I would like many people in Malaysia to know about Japan.

Let's enjoy learning a Japanese language together!



Marie Tamaki (Japanese Tutor)

My job is a nice work that allows me to meet a variety of people. I am very happy when I see students who are studying Japanese improve.

Have you ever been to Japan? I recommend going to Kyoto. Please do visit Japan when you have the opportunity to!!



Sayaka Fukunaga (Japanese Tutor)

My students always say "I LOVE JAPAN". That makes me so happy.

And I love Malaysia too. Let's learn Japanese language and culture together!!



Sumiko Hattori (Japanese Tutor)

One of the most enjoyable moments of being a Japanese language teacher is meeting many people who really like Japan! Those who are learning the Japanese language has an overwhelming feeling of "I want to do something", a very positive and hardworking frame of mind! By meeting and interacting with them, I feel that I am motivated to be positive and to move forward as well!



Miyuki Nishioka (Japanese Tutor)

Hello! I enjoy living here in Malaysia and teaching Japanese very much.

Malaysian people are very kind, easy-going and friendly. As for me, my personality is also easy-going.

I will try to do my best for every student as A to Z. I hope every student will enjoy studying Japanese and feel more confident about their Japanese language skill as well.



Takahisa Norose (Japanese Tutor)

Although Malaysia is tropical country, I feel it is not so humid as Japan. And I am confortable with the life style of Malaysian people, so I really like living in Malaysia.

I see every student at ATOZ studies very hard and enjoys learining Japanese, so I always look forward to the next lesson. Sometimes you might think Japanese is difficult, however once you understand the background of Japanese culture, you also discover many interesting points of the language.

Let's have fun learning Japanese together!



Masayuki Ooyama (Japanese Tutor)

For me, the best thing about being a teacher is getting the students to be motivated.

Learning Japanese is fun because you are not only learning a language, you are also learning about Japanese culture as well.

The most exotic food I’ve ever eaten is ‘balut’. I had this in the Philippines. Balut is fertilized chicken egg. I felt pity eating it for the first time but I got hooked on the taste.




Kriss Gao Tian Yun (Course Coordinator - Mandarin Division)

I love being a teacher because I feel very happy when my students are able to speak Mandarin.

Learning Chinese is extremely useful because China’s economy is growing. Therefore, Mandarin can be used in our daily lives and in our business lives.

If I were a millionaire, I would travel all over the world to teach Mandarin for free.



Lim Yee Von (Course Coordinator - English Division)

The best thing about being a teacher is getting to know lots of people and being able to play a part in improving their command of the English language.

Learning English is fun because it stretches across various boundaries which means you can go almost anywhere if you speak it well enough.

My favorite place in my house is in my room, in front of my computer because it's where I get the bulk of my entertainment from - I YouTube funny videos.



Chin Siew Funn (Admin Executive, English Tutor)

What I like most about teaching is turning minds on.

Learning English at A to Z is fun because I’m here!

My favorite room in my house is my bedroom. I do EVERYTHING there. Hahahahaha..



Kgia Teo (Asst. Course Coordinator – English Division)

The best thing about being a teacher is when your student learns something new and is able to utilize what they’ve learnt in their daily conversation. It’s a great feeling~

Learning English is fun because you can discover a whole new you.

My favorite season in Japan was summer because I could go to the beach; wear sandals, sleeveless tops and skirts; see fireworks and eat ice cream all the time!



David Lim Chin Leong (English & Malay Language Tutor)

The best thing about being a teacher is that teaching motivates me to motivate others. Being a teacher keeps me highly inspired to better myself.

Learning English is fun because I get to speak the queen’s tongue.

If I were a millionaire, I’d want to be a billionaire.



Wedy (Designer, Admin Executive)

What I like most about my job is that I don’t only handle admin related tasks; I also design and create artwork. For example, I designed artwork for Nishio Sensei’s column in the Durian Navi magazine, A To Z’s advertisement in the Panora magazine and posters and brochures. I love it so much!

Learning languages is fun for me because I can communicate with foreigners and make friends with them.

The craziest thing I’ve ever done was spend RM2k on clothes and shoes in one day!



Regina Tham (Accounting Executive)

I like my job very much because it is very interesting. Also, trying to cope with Japanese is fun when all the staff is so cheerful and nice. It is very comfortable communicating with them.

Learning English is fun because it helps us improve our sentences and we can find the right words to use for communication and writing.

The craziest thing I have ever done is go in to the gents washroom when I was in a hurry at a cinema.


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